Definitions of Luxury and Value

How I define luxury and value. Luxury is having only in your life what is correct and right, and when the time is right. Luxury is having an extra hour every day to read the paper, eat toast with your love before you leave the house, sit in a park at lunch and watch the [...]

Svpply CEO has No Idea What he's Doing

Svpply CEO, Ben Pierratt, gives an honest look at what it’s like to be a first-time CEO. I truly have very little understanding of what I am doing [...] I have zero experience or expertise in building a company. I’ve never worked at a web or product startup, I’ve never worked in a healthy team [...]

Chutney Fantasy

Finally, a phrase to call all these wild thoughts of mine: chutney fantasy. “Chutney fantasy” is a generic term for escape-route dreams, many of which genuinely involve the dramatic quitting of a job in order to forge a new career making artisanal chutney over open fires in copper pans reclaimed from National Trust properties. Read [...]

First Day at The French Laundry

 A chef’s first day at The French Laundry. he (Thomas Keller) had to stop what he was doing to fix the mat. It’s just a mat to some people, but to Thomas it was an imperfection. It wasn’t meant to be. If you’re going to do something, do it right. You’ve got to make sure [...]

The Information Sage, Edward Tufte

A nice profile on Edward Tufte. Edward Tufte occupies a revered and solitary place in the world of graphic design. Over the last three decades, he has become a kind of oracle in the growing field of data visualization—the practice of taking the sprawling, messy universe of information that makes up the quantitative backbone of [...]

Confidence of Mark Zuckerberg

I love the hubris in this statement. Given our track record so far, I have confidence that we have a good shot at winning whenever it makes sense for us to enter.


keiretsu is a set of companies with interlocking business relationships and shareholdings. It is a type of business group.

Two Week Vacation in Brussels, Amsterdam and Germany

Posting will be non-existent the next two weeks as I will be on a vacation through Brussels, Amsterdam and a number of German cities. I will resume posting on my return.

War Dogs

War dogs are impressive: loyal, protective, fearless and loving. Not only are these dogs fierce assault weapons, they are loyal guardians. When Private First Class Colton Rusk was shot after his unit came under Taliban sniper fire during a routine patrol in Afghanistan, Rusk’s bomb-sniffing dog, Eli, crawled on top of his body, attacking anyone — [...]

Chef Marc Canora's Weekly Diet

I could hang out with Chef Marc Canora. Whether it’s drinking vats of coffee, eating bread and butter, smashing chips in our tuna salad sandwiches or drinking iced-down Miller High Lifes, he seems like my type of dude. I busted out early with a bottle of rosé Champagne in hand. One glass for my wife [...]